Across the Continuum
of Care

Helping Total Parental Nutrition (TPN) Needs

Sapphire™ Multi-Therapy provides a solution for home parenteral nutrition. Our solutions infusion pump is designed to support patients’ independence in the comfort of their own homes. Total Parental Nutrition (TPN), used for patients who are unable to obtain adequate nutrients by oral or enteral routes, can be provided at home for those who are able to receive therapy outside of an acute care setting,  

This includes cancer patients and those suffering from the multiple conditions that result in intestinal failure.  

TPN solution supply basic nutrients, including fluids, proteins, carbohydrates, electrolytes, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, and trace elements directly to the bloodstream, bypassing the GI tract. 

Sapphire Multi therapy

Intuitive touch-screen

Compact size and lightweight

Flow control technology with an immediate taper down option

Range of TPN dedicated infusions sets and accessories

Sapphire Epidural Infusion Pump

Giving clinicians more time to care with the Sapphire Epidural Infusion Pump

The Sapphire™ IV pump is a sturdy performer packed in a small, easy to use device . A pain management system for Epidural Analgesia in labor, the Sapphire Epidural color-coded infusion pump is created with the patient’s safety in mind: with a dose error reduction system for increased safety, secured operation with automatic password-protection, and a dedicated medication lockbox. The pump’s future-ready interface enables maintaining the dose schedule even when the pump is turned off, and configurable patient and clinician bolus.

Color code differentiated

Built in safety mechanisms

Consistent accuracy with robust performance

Smart technology to minimize errors

Pain Management

The Sapphire pump provides a solution for pain management with dedicated delivery modes and preset programs for PCA, PCEA, intermittent epidural, PIEB and perineural infusions.

The Sapphire pump is designed to be simple, safe and accurate with preset programs and a drug library for enhanced safety. It supports flexible programming for complex calculations and offers a variety of dose rate units. Infusion rate can be programmed as a weight-based infusion (patient weight can range from 0.1 – 500 Kg.) 

The pump has a large and intuitive touchscreen for easy programming and a dedicated lockbox for enhanced safety. 

Sapphire Multi therapy

Dedicated color coded pump, delivery mode & sets

Dedicated pain delivery modes & preset Programs

Drug Library, a dose error reduction system

Automatic patient lockout & lockbox

Total dose limitation

+/- 2.5% accuracy