Sapphire Service

Eitan Medical is committed to providing you with global service support for your Sapphire infusion product. With a global network specializing in drug delivery and infusion solutions – Eitan Medical is here to support you, our customers, partners, and the patients we collectively serve.

Your Independence is Important to Us

Eitan Medical encourages and facilitates independent on-site pump maintenance whenever possible. We offer your engineering teams the necessary education and tools, to ensure on-site maintenance. Our Service portal assists you to manage your Sapphire pump fleet at the easy of a finger click.
Sapphire’s PC applications are designed to support the pump’s maintenance and keep your fleet on-site, by maximizing the up-time and minimizing the down-time of your pumps. Maintenance and certification are online and paperless using Eitan Medical service portal.
Sapphire’s advanced FasTest PM™ solution allows you to conduct full maintenance testing for your pumps, including occlusion detection, air detection and pump accuracy, and avoid relying on outside service centers. FasTest PM™ allows you to perform six times more tests than our first-generation maintenance tool.
With Eitan Medical service portal, the information is automatically updated to the systems, which means no more emails, spreadsheets, or lost documentation.

Comprehensive Network of Global Service Partners

At Eitan Medical, your satisfaction is our priority. Therefore, we invest in providing you with advanced service programs, accessible education, and local support. Our global partners share our commitment to you. Our partners meet strict requirements and undergo training to provide you with manufacturer-grade service, locally, at your convenience.

Additional service providers are available, contact us at for more information.

We Listen to You

We are always looking to improving our solutions for our customers. You can contact us at

Complaint Contact Information:

If you wish to report an event related to the use of our products, you can contact Eitan Medical either by email or by telephone at the numbers below

 United Kingdom‪+44-800-260-5940
 United States‪+1-877-541-9944
 Latin America*‪+1-877-541-9944
Any other country*+972-73-2388870

*or contact your local distributor

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at