Sorrel Partnering with Pharma 

Leveraging capabilities in innovative concept-to-market drug delivery devices

Minimize time and risk with proven technical, regulatory and manufacturing expertise

Partner-focused and regulation-ready development process in place

From development to commercialization, Sorrel’s partner-focused strategy drives patient-centric innovation that propels our partners’ growth opportunities.

We offer the perfect blend of scientific knowhow and patented innovation, for pharma and biotech companies that want to create revolutionary products with improved patient outcomes.
By leveraging our powerhouse capabilities in innovative concept-to-market drug delivery devices, as well as our regulation-ready development and manufacturing processes- Sorrel’s partnerships benefit from minimized time and risk to market.

Sorrel identifies the best possible platform solution for any drug product, intercepts the latest trends in drug delivery systems, and implements world class patented technology that is vital for gaining market differentiation.

Our infrastructure is built to support strong partnerships and cross-functional collaborations, through joint development processes and proven leadership.

Sorrel targets pharmaceutical and biotech companies that seek to deliver more value to their patients and their portfolio.

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