Eitan Medical Sapphire™

Infusion Therapy Solutions

The Sapphire™ Family

The Sapphire family of infusion pumps is the solution of choice for infusion therapy devices across the continuum of care, from pre-acute, to hospital and to home. Designed with patient safety in mind from the beginning, and from here, we go above and beyond, designing devices aiming to improve the daily lives of patients

Sapphire™ Multi-Therapy

The Sapphire Multi-Therapy infusion system is a complete solution for varied clinical uses in hospital, ambulatory settings

Sapphire™ Epidural

The Sapphire Epidural pump is dedicated to Epidural infusion.

Sapphire™ Advantages

Tailored Solutions

Complete solution across the
continuum of care, from hospital
to home.


Built-in safety mechanisms
aimed to enhance patient


Simple & Intuitive

Unique and full color touch
screen for intuitive and
fast operation.

Smart Technology

Smart technology that helps you minimize dosage errors and false alarms.

Global Support

High quality service and support provided by a global network of authorized service centers.

Eitan Insights™ Inside*

Unique cloud-based platform serving homecare providers, clinicians, and patients.

*Coming soon

A single solution
for multiple infusion needs

Sapphire infusion pumps are small in size, yet big in performance. Offering tailored solutions for a variety of infusion therapy needs, including hospitalization, ambulatory and home infusion, all in a single infusion pump. Sapphire solutions are designed to aim to enhance patient care. Sapphire’s quick setup and intuitive workflows can help you improve response time leaving you with more time to care for your patient. 

The Sapphire family of infusion solutions are based on patented magnetic flow control and advanced technologies aimed at enhancing patient safety and reducing total cost of ownership. 

With its robust design, easy maintenance, and built-in adaptability to evolving requirements, Sapphire delivers you with medication infusion confidence now, and far into the future.

Built-in safety mechanisms

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Intuitive touch screen

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Small & lightweight

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The Technology

Behind Eitan Medical Sapphire™ Infusion Pumps

Our infusion therapy products are high-tech and built to serve your needs every day. With an intuitive touch screen interface, a minimal footprint and consistent accuracy with robust performance, the Sapphire family offers a complete range of products across the continuum of care.

Sapphire infusion therapy devices are flexible, allowing almost every infusion product to be delivered safely with multiple programming modes to meet your team’s needs. We have also designed a range of accessories and dedicated sets for use in both home care and hospital settings.

Offering ease of use and reliability, Sapphire combines high-end volumetric infusion pump functionality with compact size and low weight.

Our commitment to our customers means we will always deliver solutions that offer ease of use, making Sapphire the solution of choice for infusion therapy across the continuum of care, from hospitals to homecare.

Touching People’s Lives

Our goal is to empower medical teams, improve the quality of care, enhance patient and caregiver confidence, and support patient’s independence and uninterrupted quality of life.

Patient safety
has never been
so easy

With Eitan Medical’s comprehensive suite of infusion service software solutions, you can now improve patient safety, minimize healthcare costs and optimize your infusion pump investment.

Our Smart technology helps you minimize dosage errors and false alarms to give you the confidence that you need. Our Infusion therapy devices offer a wide range of services such as: remote upgrading online and on-site annual certification, a review history of infusion data, a drug library and a drug error reduction system and much more.

More Sapphire™ Products

Sapphire™ H100

Sapphire™ H100

The Sapphire H100 infusion system provides a targeted solution for the hospital market

sapphire plus pump

Sapphire™ Plus

The Sapphire Plus infusion system provides a targeted solution for the users in the hospital market

IVVet Veterinary Pump

A complete solution for a variety of veterinary clinical applications

We are here for you

Our family of Sapphire infusion pumps is expanding. With a global network specializing in drug delivery and medical infusion solutions – Eitan Medical is here to support you and is ready to cater to your medical needs. Bringing immediate value and versatility to our technology, Sapphire gives you one infusion pump with multiple treatment options across the continuum of care.