Up to $500 credit for MedSystem III trade-ins

The production and the servicing of MedSystem III infusion has been ceased by the manufacturer.
Use trade-in credit toward the purchase of a new flight-approved* Sapphire Multi-Therapy infusion pump.

*IEC 60601-1-12 – Requirements for medical electrical equipment and medical electrical systems intended for use in the emergency medical service environment.

When every second counts, Sapphire infusion pump delivers.
Even under the most demanding conditions.

Learn more on Sapphire for EMS: customerservice@eitanmedical.com or call: 877-541-9944


Make a difference when every second matters

We know that in an emergency, every second counts. Sapphire’s simple single hand cassette insertion, quick set-up, and intuitive workflows can improve response time so you can focus on saving lives.

Overcome harsh conditions

We understand life in a prehospital environment is filled with surprises and challenges.

Sapphire is a durable and sturdy performer. Built to withstand drops and bumps, as well as splashing fluids, with a touch screen that can be operated even when wet, giving you the confidence needed to initiate an infusion anytime, anywhere.

Respond with precision

We understand the unique needs of adults, pediatrics, and other populations.

Sapphire can safely manage infusions for each of your patient sets with a wide flow rate range, industry-leading flow rate accuracy, and exceptional flow continuity. Preset programs, can be configured to accommodate a variety of protocols and streamline pump programming.

Control your investment

We know the costs of infusion pump maintenance and we offer a variety of Extended Service Programs to meet the needs of your organization.
We can provide the tools and training to complete maintenance activities independently, minimizing downtime and reducing operational costs.


You go beyond for your patients.
We will always go beyond for you.

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