Infusion Therapy Solutions

The Sapphire family of infusion pumps is the solution of choice for infusion across the continuum of care, from the hospital to the home.

Single solution fits all, for every infusion need

  • Small and lightweight to facilitate mobility across the continuum of care
  • Quick and easy operation with Sapphire’s unique intuitive touch screen
  • Based on patented flow control technology and with built-in safety mechanisms for maximum safety

Sapphire infusion pumps are small in size, yet big in performance. Offering tailored solutions for a variety of infusion needs, including hospitalization, pain, nutrition, prehospital transpiration, ambulatory and home infusion, in a single pump.

Sapphire solutions are designed to enhance patient care. Sapphire’s quick setup and intuitive workflows can help you improve response time and leave you with more time to care for your patient.

The Sapphire family of infusion solutions are based on patented and advanced technologies aimed to enhance patient safety.

Tailored Solutions

Complete solution across the continuum of care, from hospital to home

Safety First

Built in safety mechanisms aimed to enhance patient safety

Simple & Intuitive

Unique full color touch screen for intuitive and fast operation

Smart Technology

Smart technology that helps you minimize dosage errors and false alarms

Global Support

High quality service and support provided by a global network of authorized service centers

Sapphire™ - Infusion Pumps for Infusion Therapy

Sapphire Multi-Therapy

Sapphire Epidural Pump

Sapphire™ H100

Sapphire H100

sapphire plus pump

Sapphire Plus

Sapphire IVVet Veterinary Infusion Pump

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