Stevanato & Eitan Bring Next-Generation Wearable Drug Delivery Solutions To Market

Chiara Mussoi, Riccardo Prete and Mindy Katz
March 19, 2021
Wearable Drug Delivery Device sorrel

In this article, Chiara Mussoi, Product Manager for the Cartridge Platform, and Riccardo Prete, Product Manager for the Vial Platform, both of Stevanato Group; and Mindy Katz, Vice-President, Marketing and Alliance Management – Pharmaceutical Solutions at Eitan Medical, outline the benefits of collaboration when it comes to bringing wearable drug delivery solutions to market.


The collaboration between Stevanato Group and Eitan Medical (developer of the Sorrel wearable injection device platform) is founded on the principal aim of bringing to market wearable injection solutions for the simple and efficient subcutaneous administration of large-volume and high viscosity medications that serve the interests of both patients and pharmaceutical companies. As a leading producer of primary packaging and integrated capabilities for drug delivery systems, Stevanato Group plays a key role in the optimization of primary containers – both cartridges and vials – for integration into large-volume wearable injectors.



The collaboration began with the development of cartridges to serve as primary drug reservoirs for Eitan Medical’s Sorrel wearable device line, later expanding to include the supply of glass containers for vial-based configurations of the device. Sorrel devices are, by design, primary-container agnostic, being able to accommodate a variety of different container types in a range of volumes and dimensions. Although not tied to a specific primary container manufacturer or proprietary design, the unique collaboration leverages the core strengths of both 32 companies: Stevanato Group’s extensive experience in the design and testing of glass primary containers and its position as a leading provider of containment solutions combined with Eitan Medical’s development expertise in the area of smart, electromechanical drug delivery and infusion devices.