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2022 Infusion Industry Outlook: Adapting Care Delivery to Meet New Realities

Roger Massengale
Roger Massengale
HIT Consultant
July 3, 2022
Multi-therapy Volumetric Infusion Pump
January 2022 marked two years since the outbreak of COVID-19, with the healthcare system still working to adjust to a very challenging new reality. However, these challenges have served as a catalyst for important shifts within the healthcare industry, some of which are poised to be a significant part of the 2022 infusion landscape.

Similar to 2020, there were increases in demand in 2021 for infusion pumps to treat COVID-19 patients. Initially, infusion pumps were requested for Covid patients connected to ventilators. Earlier last year, the FDA issued an emergency use authorization (EUA) for monoclonal antibody treatments bringing additional needs for infusion treatments in many alternate care settings. In addition to treatments from within hospitals and clinics, CMS approved infusions of monoclonal antibodies by home care providers for COVID patients. 

Treatments like these in alternate care settings are key to understanding how the infusion industry will likely evolve in 2022.

Homecare Will Become a Common Infusion Setting…