Sapphire™ FasTest PM 

Your solution for independent onsite infusion pump maintenance. Want to streamline your facility’s maintenance process for infusion pumps and avoid relying on outside service centers? FasTest Preventive Maintenance is the solution.

The Sapphire FasTest PM Kit (16024-000-0002) together with the FasTest PC Tool is an on-site maintenance servicing tool for the Sapphire infusion pump platform, which enables you to:

Infusion Therapy

FasTest PM Benefits

Technical Specifications 

Average PM Run Time

< 5 minutes

Maximum Simultaneous PM Processes


Calibration Verification Process

Air detection, flow accuracy, occlusion sensing

Sequence of Tests

Visual inspection, safety features testing, calibration verification

FasTest PM Certificate

Certification report automatically generated. Can be printed or saved. The report includes the following information: • Device SW version • Certification kit S/N • Test date • Technician name • Visual inspection & safety features test results Air Detection, accuracy & occlusion test results

Kit Content

500 mL fluid bag & administration set: 1800 mm tubing, with (i) Spike (ii) syringe (iii) back check valve (iv) Y-connector (v) T-connector (vi) administration cassette (vii) slide clamp (viii) sleeve (ix) fluid bag cap.

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