Sapphire™ Drug Library Editor 

The DLE Software enables creating and editing of the Sapphire Pump Drug Library, allowing manipulation of all medications used by a hospital and setting pre-determined parameters (rules) for the Sapphire multi-therapy and any of the dedicated pumps. The medications are categorized according to ID, Clinical Care Areas (CCAs), dose and hard/soft limits. The software accommodates up to 40 CCAs and up to 300 medications per CCA, i.e. a total of 12,000 medications.

DLE Features:

  • 3 different types of reports for each Drug Library. Allows printing detailed information of the medication entries and CCA setting.
  • Programming of 7 different delivery modes for each medication rule set.
  • Clinical care area (CCA) supports:
  • Up to 40 CCA’s per Drug Library
  • Unique pump configuration per CCA
  • Each CCA contains up to 300 specific medication rule sets

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