Getting to Know Your
Sapphire™ Infusion Pump

Getting to Know Your
Sapphire™ Infusion Pump

Train your team, Track your progress, Provide safe patient care

Our Eitan Medical Academy is an online Learning Management System (LMS) that provides comprehensive self-paced training for your nurses, paramedics, and other healthcare providers. The Eitan Medical Academy interactive experience , complete with real sounds, color and explanatory videos, will prepare your infusion professionals to care for patients and address evolving infusion needs.
Training modules are divided into short modules, ensuring a simple yet thorough learning process that makes training easy to complete.

Progress Anywhere

Training your staff in the current COVID-19 climate is not as simple as it once was. Social distancing, lockdowns and travel restrictions, coupled with many nurses being stationed in homecare settings provides a unique challenge for group training sessions. Eitan Medical Academy allows nurses to train anywhere while progressing at their own pace.

Track Your Progress, Get Certified

Easily track your staff’s progress remotely as they work towards a printable certificate of completion.
Eitan Medical is committed to providing reliable infusion systems that clinicians can count on to deliver infusions with accuracy and confidence.

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Please contact your clinical educator to learn more about the Eitan Medical Academy, other training options or our Sapphire infusion therapy solutions.