Interview with Andrei Yosef, CEO, Sorrel Medical

ONdrugDelivery, Issue 111 (September 2020), pp 22–24.

Q The wearable injectors space is crowded. Please provide an overview of Sorrel Medical’s wearable device platform. How it is differentiated from other wearable injectors, and how does it help Sorrel’s partners to differentiate their therapeutic products?

A Sorrel’s wearable drug delivery platform (Figure 1) is designed to provide a patient-centric and partner- focused solution for the self-administration of large-volume and high-viscosity medications. The prefilled and preloaded device configuration encourages adherence to treatment therapies and reduces the risk of medication errors. Being primary container-agnostic enables us to collaborate with multiple pharmaceutical partners to meet specific drug delivery requirements.

Sorrel devices utilize an electro-mechanical pumping mechanism for accurate and controlled drug delivery. To overcome the inherent challenge of maintaining sterility in preloaded devices, we have implemented first-of-its-kind UV LED technology for disinfection at point-of-care, disinfecting the point of engagement between the primary container and the device’s fluid path. Additionally, we have proprietary technology in place which provides a unique solution for drawing medication directly from a vial, while remaining prefilled and preloaded. This saves our partners significant time and risk, as our devices conform to the primary container of their choice.

Andrei Yosef is Chief Executive Officer of Sorrel Medical, an Eitan Group company focused on the development and manufacture of wearable drug delivery solutions for easy and efficient self-administration. He is a recognised expert in drug delivery device technology and high-end development processes, having served in several executive positions at Q Core Medical – a developer of smart infusion systems for hospital and ambulatory care settings. Dr Yosef holds a PhD in Biomedical Engineering and an MA in Mechanical Engineering, both from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.