Sapphire IVVet Veterinary Infusion Pump

Spphire ivvet

*Sapphire IVVet passed its End of Sales date. Eitan Medical will continue to service existing Sapphire H100 till further notice.

IVVet multi-function veterinary infusion pump  gives you an opportunity to stop making compromises. A complete solution for a variety of veterinary clinical applications, IVVet offers accuracy, reliability in one compact, easy to use system.   

IVVet veterinary Infusion Pump is based on a unique combination of patented Flow Control Technology, innovative hardware design,

intuitive touch-screen, software controlled pumping mechanism and low total cost of ownership. With its robust design and easy maintenance, IVVet veterinary infusion pump delivers medication infusion confidence now and far into the future.                     


Pump Specifications 


3.2” color portrait QVGA (64K colors)

Infusion Modes

Continuous, Multistep and Piggyback


(H x W x D) 144 x 96 x 49 mm  (5.69 x 3.78 x 1.93 in)


504g (16.1 oz) (with battery)


Rechargeable Li-Ion battery 7.4V 16hrs @ 125 ml/hr. Recharge time: 4 hrs from depleted.

Pumping mechanism

Eitan Medical Flow Control single-channel, volumetric pump

Operation temperature

+10°(+50ºF) to 40°C (104ºF) if charging, + 5°(41ºF) to  40°C(104ºF) if pumping

Pump orientation

No restriction on operating position


Low battery, system failure, downstream/upstream occlusion, key stuck, air in line, treatment complete, treatment near end, door open, priming error


Air in line sensor – Detects single bubbles of 0.02 ml and above, integrated pressure sensor, Upstream/Downstream occlusion sensor

Power Source

100 – 240V 50-60 Hz.

Volume (VTBI)

1 – 9,999 ml with increments of 1 ml

Flow Rate

0.1 – 99.9 ml/hr with increments of 0.1 ml/hr; 100 – 999 ml/hr with increments of 1 ml/hr

KVO Rate

Up to 10 ml/hr with increments of 0.1 ml/hr


± 5% according to IEC 60607-2-24

Infusion device

Volumetric, peristaltic

Downstream Occlusion

Up to 17.4 PSI (1.2 Bar)


Automatic prime @ 600 ml/hr or gravity prime

Special Features

Preprogram (20 pre-set protocols) 10 Pre-programmable delivery protocols per mode, advanced air-bubble detector to eliminate unnecessary alarms alarm information & instructions, ability to infusion whole blood and blood products

* sapphire is manufactured by QCORE Medical ltd.

29 Yad Haruzim St., P.O.Box 8639, Netanya 4250529, Israel

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