Sapphire Epidural Pump

Sapphire Epidural Infusion Pump

The Sapphire Epidural pump is dedicated to Epidural infusion. 

While sharing the key benefits with the Sapphire infusion platform, the dedicated Epidural pump is tailored for Epidural applications:

  • Yellow colored sets, Yellow colored faceplate, on-screen yellow colored label
  • Limited rate ranges to ensure safe Epidural infusion.

The Sapphire Epidural includes several modes of delivery:

  • PCEA (patient controlled epidural analgesia) – patient controlled “on-demand doses” with optional basal rate and loading dose.
  • Intermittent Epidural – scheduled doses and optional basal rate.
  • PIEB – combines the intermittent scheduled doses with PCEA. Giving priority to the intermittent dose to ensure PIEB delivery and avoidance of dose stacking.

* For a complete Epidural infusion system see the Sapphire Epidural administration sets, bolus handle and lockboxes.

A single solution
for multiple infusion needs

Sapphire infusion pumps are small in size, yet big in performance. Offering tailored solutions for a variety of infusion therapy needs, including hospitalization, ambulatory and home infusion, all in a single infusion pump. Sapphire solutions are designed to aim to enhance patient care. Sapphire’s quick setup and intuitive workflows can help you improve response time leaving you with more time to care for your patient. 

The Sapphire family of infusion solutions are based on patented magnetic flow control and advanced technologies aimed at enhancing patient safety and reducing total cost of ownership. 

With its robust design, easy maintenance, and built-in adaptability to evolving requirements, Sapphire delivers you with medication infusion confidence now, and far into the future.

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sapphire Infusion pump

Built-in safety mechanisms

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Intuitive touch screen

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Small & lightweight

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The Technology

Behind Eitan Medical Sapphire™ Infusion Pumps

Our infusion therapy products are high-tech and built to serve your needs every day. With an intuitive touch screen interface, a minimal footprint and consistent accuracy with robust performance, the Sapphire family offers a complete range of products across the continuum of care.

Sapphire infusion therapy devices are flexible, allowing almost every infusion product to be delivered safely with multiple programming modes to meet your team’s needs. We have also designed a range of accessories and dedicated sets for use in both home care and hospital settings.

Offering ease of use and reliability, Sapphire combines high-end volumetric infusion pump functionality with compact size and low weight.

Our commitment to our customers means we will always deliver solutions that offer ease of use, making Sapphire the solution of choice for infusion therapy across the continuum of care, from hospitals to homecare.

Stay Connected

With Sapphire™ Connect, Sapphire pumps are within reach, transmitting data to the cloud through universal plug and play cellular technology.

Epidural Pump Specifications 


Volumetric, single-channel, touch screen pump, Eitan Medical Flow Control

Infusion Modes

Continuous, PCEA, Intermittent and PIEB


(H x W x D) 143 x 96 x 49 mm (5.63 x 3.78 x 1.93 in)


418 g (14.7 oz) without battery

Touch Screen

3.2” color portrait QVGA (64K colors)


Rechargeable Li-lon battery 7.4V 1960mA/h

Battery Operation Time

~24 hrs @ 125 ml/hr (with fully charged battery and back-light off)

Degree of Protection Against Ingress of Water and Dust

IP24 splash/dust standard according to IEC 60601-1-11

Power Source

AC adaptor 100 – 240 VAC 50 – 60 Hz

Volume (VTBI)

1 – 9,999 ml with increments of 0.1 mL

Flow Rate

Basal rate: 0.1-25 mL/h with increments of 0.1 mL/h
Bolus / Dose rate: 125 mL/h or 200 mL/h

KVO Rate

Up to 20 mL/h with increments of 0.1 mL/h

Flow Rate Accuracy

± 2.5% according to IEC 60601-2-24

Disposable Set

Automatic anti-free-flow set

Downstream Occlusion

Up to 17.4 PSI (1.2 Bar)


Manual or automatic priming (600 or 900 mL/h)

Special Features

PIEB, Yellow colored tubing and screen scheme, Easy to use, customizable, Preprogram (20 pre-set protocols), automatoc lockout, on-screen alarm troubleshooting instructions, hard limits set up, protected programming, event log, custom drug library compatible

* sapphire is manufactured by QCORE Medical ltd.

29 Yad Haruzim St., P.O.Box 8639, Netanya 4250529, Israel

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