In the Aftermath of the COVID-19 Crisis, Homecare Will Be at a Tipping Point

By Shaul Eitan, Healthcare Business Today Team -May 26, 2020

The COVID-19 crisis has shown us both the strengths and weaknesses of healthcare systems around the world. The significant hospital burden driven by the crisis has forced healthcare systems to make quick changes to manage overwhelmed hospitals wards in the short term and now they must begin to think about how to improve operations to manage in the future. Looking at the ways in which the system must shift, there is one forward-thinking trend, which almost everyone seems to agree upon – the time to transition to homecare settings is here.

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Shaul Eitan is the CEO of Avoset Health, an Eitan Group company. Eitan Group is committed to developing future-ready connected infusion systems across the continuum of care with its three affiliate companies, Q Core Medical, Avoset Health and Sorrel Medical. Shaul previously served as COO of Q Core Medical, a developer of smart infusion systems for hospital and ambulatory care settings.