Sapphire™ Infusion Backpack 

Sapphire dedicated infusion backpack is specially designed to facilitate the use of infusion by TPN homecare patients. It allows the patients to comfortably carry the infusion pump and bag with them while continuing their daily routine, as well as providing a convenient pack for the infusion during the night.

Main features and benefits:

  • Suitable for carrying up to 4 liter infusion bags
  • ‘Velcro-free’ to allow quiet handling during nighttime.
  • Designed with padded shoulders and back sweat pads, waist strap, and a carrying handle for comfortable transportation. Shoulder and waist straps can be removed and hidden when not in use
  • Designed as a regular backpack to prevent the “medical equipment” look, and includes additional storage spaces for Infusion set, cell phone, keys, wallet, 500ml water bottle, infusion pump, and external battery pack
  • Received the approval of the UK LITRE (Looking into the Requirements for Equipment) organization
  • Includes hanging system, leads, and latches for the infusion bag and line to prevent occlusion
  • Includes a transparent external compartment for the infusion pump for easy access to the infusion pump screen without the need to move or rearrange the infusion layout
  • The bag structure includes hard panels for further protection of the infusion elements
Homecare Large Backpack

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