PC Tools Update 

New PC Tools Instructions

Step 1

Activating your new Service Account

1. Check your email folders
(Inbox and spam) for an email from
no-reply@eitanmedical.com with the subject “Welcome to Eitan Medical”.
2. Click the “Activate Account” button
which will take you to a link on your browser to choose your password. Choose a password based on the requirements listed and then press “Next”. Please save this password as you will need it to login to all the Service Platforms.
3. Once created, go to login.eitanmedical.com to sign in.
After you type in your email, you will then be prompted to type in your password that you chose at step 2.
4. Click on the icon of the desired PC Tool to download it.
You will then have the option to download the PC Tools available to you.
5. Confirm that the old PC Tools have been uninstalled
(if not, uninstall them now). Then open the new installer which was just downloaded and follow the on-screen prompts to install the desired PC tool.
6. After installing, open the PC tool application from your desktop.
Your new username to access all the PC Tools is your email, with the password you chose at activation (step 2 above).

Step 2

Uploading new software to your Sapphire pump(s)

1. Download the Pump Loader
by following the directions above.
2. Go to the service Portal
(press the button) and login using your username (email) and password chosen at activation (step 2 above).
3. From the main page, go to Information & Support and then Document Library.
From there you should see a list of folders. You can either find the Pump SW folder or search for the software based on language and revision.
4. Download the software package.
Once found, click on the link icon on the right to download the software package.


Check your spam/junk folders for the email. If not found, go to eitanmedical.com and type in your email address. You will then be prompted with the option to resend the activation email.


At the top of the Eitan Medical Login page after logging in, you can request additional access. Once requested, you will receive a response from one of the Eitan Medical representatives within 1-2 business days.

Confirm that the old PC Tools have been uninstalled. This can be done by going to Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features and clicking uninstall on the Qcore applications.


Please contact your IT department to open port 443 and allow connection to hostnames alphaapplicationserver.eitanmedical.com, or *.eitanmedical.com