In the Aftermath of the COVID-19 Crisis, Homecare Will Be at a Tipping Point

By Shaul Eitan, Healthcare Business Today Team -May 26, 2020 The COVID-19 crisis has shown us both the strengths and weaknesses of healthcare systems around the world. The significant hospital burden driven by the crisis has forced healthcare systems to make quick changes to manage overwhelmed hospitals wards in the short term and now they […]

Interview with Andrei Yosef, CEO, Sorrel Medical

ONdrugDelivery, Issue 111 (September 2020), pp 22–24. Q The wearable injectors space is crowded. Please provide an overview of Sorrel Medical’s wearable device platform. How it is differentiated from other wearable injectors, and how does it help Sorrel’s partners to differentiate their therapeutic products? A Sorrel’s wearable drug delivery platform (Figure 1) is designed to […]

The Need for a Better Infusion Pump

EMSWORLD  10/25/2020 L.J. Relle, BBA, NRP, FP-C, CCP-C Paramedics rely heavily on their equipment to provide the best care. Among the many tools in their arsenal, IV infusion pumps play a pivotal role. They provide the ability to administer medications and IV fluids with defined dosing, flow rates, and controlled target volumes directly to patients […]